Celebrate World Snake Day with Razer’s Sneki Snek Slippers

Razer Sneki Snek Slippers

In observation of World Snake Day, Razer now sells a $50 pair of gamer slippers depicting the Sneki Snek mascot. Razer promises to plant 10 trees through Conservation International for every pair of slippers that it sells, just as the company does with other items in its Sneki Snek collection.

Sneki Snek is an odd little creature. It was first drawn by one of Razer’s designers for their child, but quickly graduated to meme status among Razer fans. From there, Sneki Snek became the face of Razer’s conservation efforts—just as it should be.

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While gamer slippers may seem like a weird item, Razer is no stranger to weirdness. The company made a toaster (based off an April Fool’s joke), made a pair of speakers shaped like jet engines, and is currently developing a RBG face mask.

You can order the Sneki Snek slippers now for $50. Razer promises to plant 10 trees for each purchase of the slippers, or any other item in the Snek collection, for that matter. To learn more about World Snake Day, check out the ASP’s website.