No OnePlus 9T this year?

It seems that we will get more changes from OnePlus this year. The company has traditionally launched a T variant of its main series in the second half of the year since the arrival of the OnePlus 3T back in 2016. However, we know that OnePlus has been busy giving us more affordable devices under the Nord brand, which could explain why we didn’t get a Pro variant of last year’s OnePlus 8T, and it seems that things may get worse, as we may not even get a new OnePlus 9T this year.

We’ve got some terrible news for every OnePlus fan who was waiting to see the arrival of the OnePlus 9T. According to Max Jambor, OnePlus will not give us a new 9T. And let’s be honest, this information doesn’t come as a huge surprise. We already saw OnePlus skipping on last year’s OnePlus 8T Pro variant, and rumors had also suggested that we wouldn’t get a 9T Pro variant this year either. Now, missing out on a new 9T Pro didn’t sound so bad, but Jambor claims that the entire line will be a no-show.

    OnePlus 9

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We can’t say that this will be the death of the T series altogether, as many things can happen in the tech world. We know that there’s a global chip shortage, and manufacturers have been forced to delay or even skip some of their most popular devices. Remember that OnePlus already had to limit the current OnePlus 9 series storage options in the United States because of the current situation. We also have to consider that the company’s recent fusion with OPPO may have also affected the launch of a new OnePlus 9T, as the company may have to reduce its device lines. However, this is still a rumor, and it must be treated as such, so take it with some salt.

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