Apple patent granted: We could see an iMac with curved glass and a display with MacBook dock

Apple applied for a rather unique patent early last year. Some publications made renders of the potential product, which looks to be a new iMac computer with a curved glass design and a built-in mousepad and keyboard.

The patent was granted today, and it seems unique and bold, not something that we’d see Apple do for such an important lineup (via 9to5Mac). The 24-inch iMac has recently received a major upgrade with Apple’s own M1 Silicon, and it has also become available in a number of new colors and a slightly refreshed design. The upcoming 32-inch model will likely feature an even faster chip, and a more bezel-less design, although all of that is just speculation for now.

Patently Apple notes the following:

“Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published an Apple granted patent that relates to a next generation all-in-one (AIO) desktop iMac that is made with a continuous glass body.  The design is shown to have a number of twists with alternative ideas including a similar shaped desktop accessory designed for a MacBook.

Apple’s granted patent covers a new vision for a future iMac/desktop PC made with a glass housing that includes a continuous surface defined by the upper portion, the lower portion, and the transition portion.”

Yanko Design has created several high-quality render images and a GIF based on the patent that was just granted to Apple, displaying the rumored iMac with a curved glass design. The images show a seamless and rather large curve that goes on the bottom and onto the flat surface of a desk. The bottom would house the built-in keyboard and a touchpad.

Personally, having a built-in keyboard that cannot be removed or shoved away is a bad design; not everyone likes Apple’s keyboards, and I would certainly prefer to have the option to pick one myself. While Apple is strict about its devices and design, I find this very unlikely to become a real product and recommend a grain of salt. Patents, after all, are just that, vague descriptions of ideas that often never make it.

Roland is a technology enthusiast and software engineer based in United Kingdom. He is also a content creator and writer, and is best known under the name “Techusiast”.