Hide your sensitive Google Photos with Locked Folder, rolling out soon to Android 6+ devices

Back in June this year, Pixel phones got the ability to put a lock on Google Photos. Google has now confirmed that the ability to hide Google Photos with a password will be available on all Android 6+ devices soon.

With the feature, you’ll be able to hide images on Google Photos behind a passcode or a PIN. You can even opt to hide these photos from apps and websites. The password-protected photos won’t be backed up as well and will remain available only on the device. To create a private collection, “Library” tab → “Utilities” (at the top-right corner) → “Locked Folder” (near the bottom) and click on Create.

It’s also worth noting that users cannot take screenshots when inside Locked Folders. The only options like viewing, deleting, and moving photos are available inside the hidden photos folder.

Similarly, one more Pixel-exclusive feature is making its way to Android flagships. Gboard’s Smart Compose will now be available on Android 11+ devices with newer hardware. The Smart Compose kicks in when you’re writing a common phrase. It will then save time by giving you suggestions to complete messages.

Google hasn’t provided an exact date for when the ability to hide Google Photos will roll out, but the company says should be “rolling out soon.” Once the feature is live, users will get a “Set up Locked Folder” notification from the Google Photos app.

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