CocoonFMS™ Official Launch

We are delighted to announce the official launch of CocoonFMS™ Limited. CocoonFMS™ is a UK based Logistics software company providing innovation, tools and systems that increase productivity, create cost savings and operating efficiencies to both […]


Unravel Two Review | NWR

NWR: Few indie games have managed to steal my heart as quickly as Unravel did when it was announced on-stage at E3 2015. The nervous but genuine enthusiasm from director Martin Sahlin convinced me how […]


Mass job cuts expected] Sony to merge all consumer electronics divisions after mobile loses nearly a billion dollars in a year

Two days ago, Sony revealed a drastic change in its business organization going forward. Sony’s Mobile Communications division — responsible for the Xperia line of phones — will be merged with the Imaging Products & […]


Big Star Citizen Update Launches Soon

Star Citizen‘s been trudging along since it debuted on Kickstarter in 2012. Initially seeking $500,000, Cloud Imperium Games’ space-sim closed its Kickstarter campaign after accruing a little more than $2.1 million in November 2012. Some […]


10-inch smart display with camera

Google Last year, Google had to deal with a massive early leak of the Google Pixel 3, with multiple prototypes sold on the black market in Europe. Today, though, Google is dealing with a different […]